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All starts with Chinese Characters.

Clavis Sinica, Explanation-Based Mandarin Learning.
People cannot read Chinese characters because they do not know how to do the analysis. If they know how to decompose a character into several parts, not only can they realize that even merely the extra addition or omission of a dot or stroke to the character is incorrect but also it becomes easy for them to memorize the characters and difficult for them to forget.

Accordion Menu

Chinese Character Strokes The stroke makes it possible to compose all the characters.
Chinese Character Components Chinese is a logographic language, meaning that each character represents an entire word.
Character Positional RegularitiesChinese character is restricted in a square shape that takes up the same amount of space.
Chinese characters are pictograms Pictograph characters have meaning with their shapes, interesting when using them to draw.


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You can learn a lot more than Chinese language, including Chinese culture, Chinese literature, Chinese history, Chinese geography and more.We have produced over 16000 bilingual videos, including Chinese characters, poetry and prose, four books and five classics, and so on, You can learn Chinese more conveniently, and understand China faster.
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People around the world have begun to study the Chinese language for a variety of reasons, including to improve their chances of employment, to help them negotiate international business agreements, or to enhance their travel experiences. Students in high school and college learn Chinese with the hope that it will give them an edge in future careers. With the closer economic ties between China and the world, people want to become proficient in Chinese as a second or foreign language.

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The Foreign Service Institute of the U.S. estimates that in order to reach the same proficiency level, students need to go through approximately 1,320 hours of instruction in an intensive program of Chinese while they only need to receive 480 hours of instruction in a program of other commonly taught languages like French or Spanish.

Clavis Sinica Secret

Clavis Sinica, Find the common linguistic features and structural patterns shared by the various characters. It is a shortcut for learning Chinese Mandarin.


"Clavis Sinica, Explanation-Based Mandarin Learning. The key to do business with China."
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"Clavis Sinica, the secrets which Europeans have been looking for more than 300 years."
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"Clavis Sinica gives me the key to understand Chinese society and culture, make it easier to do business with Chinese people."
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